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Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 8, Number 5, September 2013


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Belief in the unstructured interview: The persistence of an illusion, pp. 512-520 (html).
Jason Dana, Robyn Dawes and Nathanial Peterson
Data (csv), analyses (R), key

Game interrupted: The rationality of considering the future, pp. 521-526 (html).
Brandon Almy and Joachim I. Krueger
Data (csv), key

An assessment of the temporal dynamics of moral decisions, pp. 527-539 (html).
Gregory J. Koop
Data: Expt 1 (tsv) (key), Expt 2 (tsv) (key), Supplement

Response time and decision making: An experimental study, pp. 540-551 (html).
Ariel Rubenstein
Data (zip)

How do defendants choose their trial court? Evidence for a heuristic processing account, pp. 552-560 (html).
Mandeep K. Dhami and David R. Mandel
Data (sav)

Preference-driven biases in decision makers' information search and evaluation, pp. 561-576 (html).
Anne-Sophie Chaxel, J. Edward Russo and Neda Kerimi
Data (xlsx): Study 1, Study 2, Study 3

Choice blindness in financial decision making, pp. 577-588 (html).
Owen McLaughlin and Jason Somerville
Data: data (tsv) key, ratings (tsv), rating sheet (xlsx), cleaned data, do

External validity of individual differences in multiple cue probability learning: The case of pilot training, pp. 589-602 (html).
Nadine Matton, Éric Raufaste and Stéphane Vautier
Data (csv): Session 1 (raw data), Session 2 (raw data), Session 3 (raw data)

Charting the internal landscape: Affect associated with thoughts about major life domains explains life satisfaction, pp. 603-616 (html).
Talya Miron-Shatz, Ed Diener, Glen M. Doniger, Tyler Moore and Shimon Saphire-Bernstein
Data (sav)

Myopic loss aversion: Potential causes of replication failures, pp. 617-629 (html).
Alexander Klos
Data (csv): Study 1 choice, Study 1 probability equivalent, Study 1 certainty equivalent, Study 2, Readme, (do)

A Criticism of Doyle's survey of time preference: A correction regarding the CRDI and CADI families, pp. 630-631 (html).
Han Bleichrodt, Rogier J. D. Potter van Loon, Kirsten I. M. Rohde and Peter P. Wakker

Social distance decreases responders' sensitivity to fairness in the ultimatum game, pp. 632-638 (html).
Hyunji Kim, Simone Schnall, Do-Joon Yi and Mathew P. White
Data (sav), description (pdf)

Retraction: Shame for money: Shame enhances the incentive value of economic resources,
Chia-Chi Wang, Ying-Yao Cheng, Wen-Bin Chiou and Chun-Chia Kung

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