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ISSN 1930-2975

Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 14, Number 4, July 2019


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Revealed strength of preference: Inference from response times, pp. 381-394 (html).
Arkady Konovalov and Ian Krajbich
Data: study1-adaptive, study1-nonadaptive, study2, study3; Supplement, Variables

A universal method for evaluating the quality of aggregators, pp. 395-411 (html).
Ying Han and David Budescu
Data (xlsx)

Right-wing ideology and numeracy: A perception of greater ability, but poorer performance, pp. 412-422 (html).
Becky L. Choma, David Sumantry and Yaniv Hanoch
Data (csv): Sample 1, Sample 2, code.R; Measures

Dishonest helping and harming after (un)fair treatment, pp. 423-439 (html).
Margarita Leib, Simone Moran and Shaul Shalvi
Suplement (pdf) (See text for links to data.)

Political double standards in reliance on moral foundations, pp. 440-454 (html).
Kimmo Eriksson, Brent Simpson and Pontus Strimling
Data (sav): study 1, study 2a, study 2b, study 3a, study 3b

Beyond reach: Do symmetric changes in motor costs affect decision making? A registered report, pp. 455-469 (html).
Arkady Zgonnikov, Nadim A. A. Atiya, Denis O'Hora, Iñaki Rañò and KongFatt Wong-Lin
Data, code and supplementary material (osf)

The robustness of anchoring effects on preferential judgments, pp. 470-487 (html).
Sangsuk Yoon, Nathan M. Fong and Angelika Dimoka
Data (csv): Study 1, Study 2, Study 3; Stimuli (tar)

Information search in everyday decisions: The generalizability of the attraction search effect, pp. 488-512 (html).
Sophie E. Scharf, Monika Wiegelmann and Arndt Bröder
Code and data (zip), Supplement (zip)

The decision paradoxes motivating Prospect Theory: The prevalence of the paradoxes increases with numerical ability, pp. 513-533 (html).
Philip Millroth, Håkan Nilsson and Peter Juslin
Data (csv)

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