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ISSN 1930-2975

Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 9, Number 6, November 2014


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Cognitive conflict in social dilemmas: An analysis of response dynamics, pp. 510-522 (html).
Pascal J. Kieslich and Benjamin E. Hilbig
Data (csv), Detailed data, Key

Ostracism and fines in a public goods game with accidental contributions: The importance of punishment type, pp. 523-547 (html).
Torrin M. Liddell and John K. Kruschke
Data (csv): Exp 1, Exp 2, Exp 3, Key

Winning a battle but losing the war: On the drawbacks of using the anchoring tactic in distributive negotiations, pp. 548-557 (html).
Yossi Maaravi, Asya Pazy and Yoav Ganzach
Data (csv): Study 1 individual, Study 1 dyads, Study 2 individual, Study 2 dyads, Key

Gender differences in the endowment effect: Women pay less, but won't accept less, pp. 558-571 (html).
Alice Wieland, James Sundali, Markus Kemmelmeier and Rakesh Sarin
Data (csv): Pilot, Study 1, Study 2, Study 3, Key

Predecisional information distortion in physicians' diagnostic judgments: Strengthening a leading hypothesis or weakening its competitor?, pp. 572-585 (html).
Martine Nurek, Olga Kostopoulou and York Hagmayer
Data (csv): Exp 1 control, Exp 1 short form, Exp 1 long form, Exp 2 short form, Exp 2 long form, Key (pdf)

The effect of dynamic proximity cues on counterfactual plausibility, pp. 586-592 (html).
Judith Covey and Qiyuan Zhang
Data (tsv), Key

Erratum: The caption and column labels of Table 10 in "Reasons for cooperation and defection in real-world social dilemmas" by Shahzeen Z. Attari, David H. Krantz and Elke U. Weber (vol. 9, no. 4), have now been corrected.

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