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ISSN 1930-2975

Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 17, Number 5, September 2022


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Failing to ignore the ignorant: Mistaking ignorance for error, pp. 937-961 (html).
André Vaz and André Mata

Base rate neglect and conservatism in probabilistic reasoning: Insights from eliciting full distributions, pp. 962-987 (html).
Piers Douglas Lionel Howe, Andrew Perfors, Bradley Walker, Yoshihisa Kashima and Nicolas Fay
Supplement (pdf)

The endowment effect in the future: How time shapes buying and selling prices, pp. 988-1014 (html).
Shohei Yamamoto and Daniel Navarro-Martinez

Loss aversion (simply) does not materialize for smaller losses, pp. 1015-1042 (html).
Dana Zeif and Eldad Yechiam

On the descriptive value of the reliance on small-samples assumption, pp. 1043-1057 (html).
Ido Erev, Doron Cohen and Ofir Yakobi

Perception of generosity under matching and rebate subsidies, pp. 1058-1071 (html).
Nathan W. Chan, Stephen Knowles, Ronald Peeters and Leonard Wolk

Voting under time pressure, pp. 1072-1093 (html).
Carlos Alós-Ferrer and Michele Garagnani
Data (csv), Codebook (txt)

Does boredom affect economic risk preferences?, pp. 1094-1122 (html).
Sergio Pirla and Daniel Navarro-Martinez

Pledging one’s trustworthiness through gifts: An experiment, pp. 1123-1145 (html).
Giuseppe Danese and Luigi Mittone
Supplement (pdf)

Sample decisions with description and experience, pp. 1146-1175 (html).
Ronald Klingebiel and Feibai Zhu
Appendix (pdf), Code (txt), Data (csv

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