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ISSN 1930-2975

Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 15, Number 1, January 2020


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Prosociality in the economic Dictator Game is associated with less parochialism and greater willingness to vote for intergroup compromise, pp. 1-6 (html).
Mohsen Mosleh, Alexander J. Stewart, Joshua B. Plotkin and David G. Rand
Data (csv), Analysis (R), Supplement (pdf))

What does it mean to maximize? “Decision difficulty,” indecisiveness, and the jingle-jangle fallacies in the measurement of maximizing, pp. 7-24 (html).
Nathan N. Cheek and Jacob Goebel
Data (csv): Study 1, Study 2, Supplement (zip)

This way, please: Uncovering the directional effects of attribute translations on decision making, pp. 25-46 (html).
Stephanie Mertens, Ulf J. J. Hahnel and Tobias Brosch
Data (osf)

MARTER: Markov True and Error model of drifting parameters, pp. 47-73 (html).
Michael H. Birnbaum and Lucy Wan
Supplement (zip)
additional supplement (added Sept., 2020)

Robust consistency of choice switching in decisions from experience, pp. 74-81 (html).
Eldad Yechiam
Study 1 data (xlsx), Study 2 data, Supplement (pdf)

The effect of incentive structure on search in the secretary problem, pp. 82-92 (html).
Yu-Chin Hsiao and Simon Kemp
Data (xlsx)

The false allure of fast lures, pp. 93-111 (html).
Yigal Attali and Maya Bar-Hillel
Data (csv): R&C responses, Study 1, Test responses, Study 1, Test responses, Study 2, Participant summaries, Study 1, Participant summaries, Study 2

Assessing a domain-specific risk-taking construct: A meta-analysis of reliability of the DOSPERT scale, pp. 112-134 (html).
Yiyun Shou and Joel Olney
Data (csv), Inter-scale correlations (csv), code (R), code with description

Validation and invariance across age and gender for the Melbourne Decision-Making Questionnaire in a sample of Portuguese adults, pp. 135-148 (html).
Luís Filipe, Maria-João Alvarez, Magda Sofia Roberto and Joaquim A. Ferreira
Data (xlsx), DMSE (docx), MDMQ (docx)

Translation and validation of the Moral Foundations Vignettes (MFVs) for the Portuguese language in a Brazilian sample, pp. 149-158 (html).
Lucas Murrins Marques, Scott Clifford, Vijeth Iyengar, Graziela Vieira Bonato, Patrícia Moraes Cabral, Rafaela Barreto dos Santos, Roberto Cabeza, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong and Paulo Sérgio Boggio
Data (xlsx),Questionnaires (html), Appendix 1 (xlsx), Appendix 2 (xlsx),

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