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ISSN 1930-2975

Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 14, Number 3, May 2019


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Simple eye movement metrics can predict future decision making performance: The case of financial choices, pp. 223-233 (html).
Michał Król and Magdalena Ewa Król
Data (csv), Supplement

Cognitive ability and risk aversion: A systematic review and meta analysis, pp. 234-279 (html).
Lau Lilleholt
Data (xlsx): Gains, Losses, Mixed, Analysis (R tgz)

Terrorism, dread risk and bicycle accidents, pp. 280-287 (html).
Peter Ayton, Samantha Murray and James A. Hampton
Data and Supplement (docx)

Too soon to tell if the US intelligence community prediction market is more accurate than intelligence reports: Commentary on Stastny and Lehner (2018), pp. 288-292 (html).
David R. Mandel

The endowment effect in the genes: An exploratory study, pp. 293-298 (html).
Xingrong Hou, Jianmin Zeng, Hong Chen and Li Su
Data (csv): data, gene data

Sense of control matters: A long spatial distance leads to a short-term investment preference, pp. 299-308 (html).
Miao He, Guibing He, Jiaxin Chen and Yuan Wang
Data (sav): Study 1, Study 2, Study 3

The power of moral words: Loaded language generates framing effects in the extreme dictator game, pp. 309-317 (html).
Valerio Capraro and Andrea Vanzo
Data (xlsx)

Integrating theories of law obedience: How utility-theoretic factors, legitimacy, and lack of self-control influence decisions to commit low-level crimes, pp. 318-334 (html).
Berenike Waubert de Puiseau, Andreas Glöckner and Emanuel V. Towfigh
Data (csv): Expt 1, Expt 2, Variables
Pilot study

An exploratory investigation of the impact of evaluation context on ambiguity aversion, pp. 335-348 (html).
Şule Güney and Ben R. Newell
Data (xlsx)

Why dyads heed advice less than individuals do, pp. 349-363 (html).
Thomas Schultze, Andreas Mojzisch and Stefan Schulz-Hardt
Data (csv): Expt 1, Expt 2, Expt 3
Analysis (R): Expt 1, Expt 2, Expt 3, Meta-analysis

Validation of Pre-Adolescent Decision-Making Competence in Turkish students, pp. 364-372 (html).
Yasemin Demiraslan Çevik, Nuri Doğan, Gökhan Dağhan, Filiz Kuşkaya Mumcu, Sibel Somyürek and Haydar Karaman
Data (sav): Pilot, Norm, Test-retest
Materials (doc): Original test, Part 1, Part 2

From foe to friend and back again: The temporal dynamics of intra-party bias in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, pp. 373-380 (html).
Yarrow Dunham, Antonio A. Arechar and David G. Rand
Data (csv), Variables (xlsx)
Supplement (pdf),Code (do)

Corrigendum to Are markets more accurate than polls? The surprising informational value of “just asking”

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