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ISSN 1930-2975

Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 13, Number 6, November 2018


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Valuing bets and hedges: Implications for the construct of risk preference, pp. 501-508 (html).
Shane Frederick, Amanda Levis, Steven Malliaris and Andrew Meyer
Data (csv): Study 1, Study 2, Study 3, Study 4

Valuing bets and hedges, pp. 509-513 (html).
Subimal Chatterjee and Satadruta Mookherjee
Data (csv): Study 1, Study 2

Children’s application of decision strategies in a compensatory environment, pp. 514-528 (html).
Tilmann Betsch, Anne Lehmann, Marc Jekel, Stefanie Lindow and Andreas Glöckner
Data (sav)

Moderators of framing effects in variations of the Asian Disease problem: Time constraint, need and disease type, pp. 529-546 (html).
Adele Diederich, Marc Wyszynski and Ilana Ritov
Data: csv, key (csv)

Who says "larger" and who says "smaller"? Individual differences in the language of comparison, pp. 547-561 (html).
William J. Skylark, Joseph M. Carr and Claire L. McComas
Data (zip)

The impact of actively open-minded thinking on social media communication, pp. 562-574 (html).
Jordan Carpenter, Daniel Preotiuc-Pietro, Jenna Clark, Lucie Flekova, Laura Smith, Margaret L. Kern, Anneke Buffone, Lyle Ungar and Martin Seligman
Data (csv): Age, Gender, Education, Politics, variables (text)

Why choose wisely if you have already paid? Sunk costs elicit stochastic dominance violations, pp. 575-586 (html).
Ryan K. Jessup, Lily B. Assaad and Katherine Wick
Data (csv): Study 1, Study 1 key, Study 1 added, Study 1 added key, Study 2, Study 2 key, Study 2 aggregated (sav),

Boundary effects in the Marschak-Machina triangle, pp. 587-606 (html).
Krzysztof Kontek
Data (csv): Triangle 1, Triangle 2

Boosting intelligence analysts’ judgment accuracy: What works, what fails?, pp. 607-621 (html).
David R. Mandel, Christopher W. Karvetski and Mandeep K. Dhami
Data (csv)

Bayesian methods for analyzing true-and-error models, pp. 622-635 (html).
Michael D. Lee

People respond to GM food with disgust more than fear: Comment on Royzman, Cusimano and Leeman (2017), pp. 636-638 (html).
Yoel Inbar and Sydney E. Scott

Measurement is the core disgust problem: Response to Inbar and Scott (2018), pp. 639-651 (html).
Corey Cusimano, Edward B. Royzman, Robert F. Leeman and Stephen Metas
Data (txt): OERM, Forced choice

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