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ISSN 1930-2975

Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 13, Number 1, January 2018


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Kenneth R. Hammond’s contributions to the study of judgment and decision making, pp. 1-22 (html).
Mandeep K. Dhami and Jeryl L. Mumpower

Thinking dynamics and individual differences: Mouse-tracking analysis of the denominator neglect task, pp. 23-32 (html).
Barnabas Szaszi, Bence Palfi, Aba Szollosi, Pascal J. Kieslich and Balazs Aczel
Data: Supplement (zip, includes data)


The opportunity-threat theory of decision-making under risk, pp. 33-41 (html).
Mohan Pandey
Calculations (xlsx)

Cross-national in-group favoritism in prosocial behavior: Evidence from Latin and North America, pp. 42-60 (html).
Susann Fiedler, Dshamilja Marie Hellmann, Angela Rachael Dorrough and Andreas Glöckner
Data (csv), Codebook (pdf)

Commitment-enhancing tools in Centipede games: Evidencing European–Japanese differences in trust and cooperation, pp. 61-72 (html).
Eva M. Krockow, Masanori Takezawa, Briony D. Pulford, Andrew M. Colman, Samuel Smithers, Toshimasa Kita and Yo Nakawake
Data (csv), Variables (csv), Supplement (pdf)

A new test of the risk-reward heuristic, pp. 73-78 (html).
William J. Skylark and Sidharth Prabhu-Naik
Data (csv)

Stepwise training supports strategic second-order theory of mind in turn-taking games, pp. 79-98 (html).
Rineke Verbrugge, Ben Meijering, Stefan Wierda, Hedderik van Rijn and Niels Taatgen
Data (txt), Analyses (R)

Do the Right Thing: Experimental evidence that preferences for moral behavior, rather than equity or efficiency per se, drive human prosociality, pp. 99-111 (html).
Valerio Capraro and David G. Rand
Data (xlsx), Do file (do), Supplement (pdf)

Learning psychology from riddles: The case of stumpers, pp. 112-122 (html).
Maya Bar-Hillel, Tom Noah and Shane Frederick
Data (xlsx): Study 1, Study 2

The Short Maximization Inventory, pp. 123-136 (html).
Michal Ďuriník, Jakub Procházka and Hynek Cígler
Data (csv), Key (csv), Analysis (R)

Making good cider out of bad apples --- Signaling expectations boosts cooperation among would-be free riders, pp. 137-149 (html).
Michiru Nagatsu, Karen Larsen, Mia Karabegovic, Marcell Székely, Dan Mønster and John Michael
Data (csv), Key (txt)

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