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ISSN 1930-2975

Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 9, Number 3, May 2014


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Are good reasoners more incest-friendly? Trait cognitive reflection predicts selective moralization in a sample of American adults, pp. 175-190 (html).
Edward B. Royzman, Justin F. Landy and Geoffrey P. Goodwin
Data (csv)

Cynicism in negotiation: When communication increases buyers' skepticism, pp. 191-198 (html).
Eyal Ert, Stephanie Creary and Max H. Bazerman
Data: Study 1 computer (csv), Study 1 human (csv), Study 1 human chats (xlsx), Study 2 notalk (csv), Study 2 talk (csv), Study 2 talk chats (xlsx)

Limited capacity to lie: Cognitive load interferes with being dishonest, pp. 199-206 (html).
Anna E. van 't Veer, Mariëlle Stel and Ilja van Beest
Data (sav)

On the psychology of self-prediction: Consideration of situational barriers to intended actions, pp. 207-225 (html).
Connie S. K. Poon, Derek J. Koehler and Roger Buehler
Data (sav): Study 1, (key [pdf]), Study 2, (key), Study 3, (key)

The effects of mental steps and compatibility on Bayesian reasoning, pp. 226-242 (html).
Shahar Ayal and Ruth Beyth-Marom
Data (sav): Study 1, Study 2a, Study 2b, Study 3

How many calories were in those hamburgers again? Distribution density biases recall of attribute values, pp. 243-258 (html).
Jessica M. Choplin and Douglas H. Wedell
Data (csv): Expt 1, Expt 2, Notes

Using cognitive models to combine probability estimates, pp. 259-273 (html).
Michael D. Lee and Irina Danileiko
Data (csv): General knowledge, Soccer, JAGS code for graphical model

The combined role of task, child's age and individual differences in understanding decision processes, pp. 274-286 (html).
Irwin P. Levin, Elaine A. Bossard, Gary J. Gaeth and Haoyang Yan
Data (csv): Child, Parent, Parent demo. Child key, Parent key

Change and status quo in decisions with defaults: The effect of incidental emotions depends on the type of default, pp. 287-296 (html).
Yury Shevchenko, Bettina von Helversen and Benjamin Scheibehenne
Data (csv), Key

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