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Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 6, Number 8, December 2011

Special issue: Methodology in judgment and decision making research

Edited by Andreas Glöckner and Benjamin E. Hilbig

The title is linked to the pdf version, which should be used for printing, quotation, or citation. The html version is for convenience.

Editorial: Methodology in judgment and decision making research, pp. 705-710 (html).
Andreas Glöckner and Benjamin E. Hilbig

The Empirical content of theories in judgment and decision making: Shortcomings and remedies, pp. 711-721 (html).
Andreas Glöckner and Tilmann Betsch

Herbert Simon’s spell on judgment and decision making, pp. 722-732 (html).
Konstantinos V. Katsikopoulos and Cherng-Horng (Dan) Lan

The role of process data in the development and testing of process models of judgment and decision making, pp. 733-739 (html).
Michael Schulte-Mecklenbeck, Anton Kühberger and Rob Ranyard

Applying the decision moving window to risky choice: Comparison of eye-tracking and mousetracing methods, pp. 740-749 (html).
Ana M. Franco-Watkins and Joseph G. Johnson

Response dynamics: A new window on the decision process, pp. 750-758 (html).
Gregory J. Koop and Joseph G. Johnson

New designs for research in delay discounting, pp. 759-770 (html).
John R. Doyle, Catherine H. Chen and Krishna Savani

Measuring social value orientation, pp. 771-781 (html).
Ryan O. Murphy, Kurt A. Ackerman and Michel J. J. Handgraaf

Diagnostic task selection for strategy classification in judgment and decision making, pp. 782-799 (html).
Marc Jekel, Susann Fiedler and Andreas Glöckner

A shift in strategy or "error"? Strategy classification over multiple stochastic specifications, pp. 800-813 (html).
Clintin P. Davis-Stober and Nicholas Brown
Matlab code), (auxillary file

Methodological notes on model comparisons and strategy classification: A falsificationist proposition, pp. 814-820 (html).
Morten Moshagen and Benjamin E. Hilbig

Pair-wise comparisons of multiple models, pp. 821-831 (html).
Stephen B. Broomell, Budescu, David V. and Han-Hui Por

Using hierarchical Bayesian methods to examine the tools of decision-making, pp. 832-842 (html).
Michael D. Lee and Benjamin R. Newell
code (zip)

What might judgment and decision making research be like if we took a Bayesian approach to hypothesis testing?, pp. 843-856 (html).
William J. Matthews

A model-based approach for the analysis of the calibration of probability judgments, pp. 857-869 (html).
David V. Budescu and Timothy R. Johnson

Is there evidence of publication biases in JDM research?, pp. 870-881 (html).
Frank Renkewitz, Heather M. Fuchs and Susann Fiedler

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