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ISSN 1930-2975

Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 17, Number 4, July 2022


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Debiasing System 1: Training favours logical over stereotypical intuiting, pp. 646-690 (html).
Esther Boissin, Serge Caparos, Aikaterini Voudouri and Wim De Neys

Drafting strategies in fantasy football: A study of competitive sequential human decision making, pp. 691-719 (html).
Michael D. Lee and Siqi Liu

Reflective thinking predicts lower conspiracy beliefs: A meta-analysis, pp. 720-744 (html).
Büşra Elif Yelbuz, Ecesu Madan and Sinan Alper

Preferences after pan(dem)ics: Time and risk in the shadow of COVID-19, pp. 745-767 (html).
Xavier Gassmann, Antoine Malézieux, Eli Spiegelman and Jean-Christian Tisserand

Choosing to choose or not, pp. 768-796 (html).
Roy Shoval, Noam Karsh and Baruch Eitam

The effect of a reference point in task difficulty: How does a task that becomes irrelevant affect effort, feelings and perceptions, pp. 797-815 (html).
Alisa Voslinsky and Ofer H. Azar
Supplement, Robustness check

The advice less taken: The consequences of receiving unexpected advice, pp. 816-848 (html).
Tobias R. Rebholz and Mandy Hütter

The effects of communicating scientific uncertainty on trust and decision making in a public health context, pp. 849-882 (html).
Claudia R. Schneider, Alexandra L. J. Freeman, David Spiegelhalter and Sander van der Linden

Stress and risk - Preferences versus noise, pp. 883-936 (html).
Elle Parslow and Julia Rose
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