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ISSN 1930-2975

Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 17, Number 2, March 2022


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Preference for playing order in games with and without replacement: Motivational biases and probability misestimations, pp. 237-262 (html).
Kwanho Suk and Jieun Koo
Data (sav): Study 1, Study 2 (all Ss), Study 2 (172 Ss), Study 3

“When in Rome”: Identifying social norms using coordination games, pp. 263-283 (html).
Erin L. Krupka, Roberto Weber, Rachel T. A. Croson and Hanna Hoover
Data (csv)

Testing team reasoning: Group identification is related to coordination in pure coordination games, pp. 284-314 (html).
James Matthew Thom, Uzma Afzal and Natalie Gold
Data (zip)

Does the evaluability bias hold when giving to animal charities?, pp. 315-330 (html).
Glen William Spiteri

Cognitive miserliness in argument literacy? Effects of intuitive and analytic thinking on recognizing fallacies, pp. 331-361 (html).
Annika M. Svedholm-Häkkinen and Mika Kiikeri
Data (zip)

Belief in karma is associated with perceived (but not actual) trustworthiness, pp. 362-377 (html).
How Hwee Ong, Anthony M. Evans, Rob M. A. Nelissen and Ilja van Beest
Data (zip)

Effects of icon arrays to communicate risk in a repeated risky decision-making task, pp. 378-399 (html).
Paul C. Price, Grace A. Carlock, Sarah Crouse and Mariana Vargas Arciga

Pseudocontingencies: Flexible contingency inferences from base rates, pp. 400-424 (html).
Tobias Vogel, Moritz Ingendahl and Linda McCaughey

Violations of economic rationality due to irrelevant information during learning in decision from experience, pp. 425-448 (html).
Mikhail S. Spektor and Hannah Seidler

Both better and worse than others depending on difficulty: Replication and extensions of Kruger’s (1999) above and below average effects, pp. 449-486 (html).
Max Korbmacher, Ching (Isabelle) Kwan and Gilad Feldman

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