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ISSN 1930-2975

Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 16, Number 3, May 2021


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Numbers do not add up! The pragmatic approach to the framing of medical treatments, pp. 586-613 (html).
Laura Macchi and Edoardo Zulato
Data (csv): Study 1, Study 2, Study 3, key
Appendix (docx), Materials (docx)

The effect of autism on information sampling during decision-making: An eye-tracking study, pp. 614-637 (html).
George D. Farmer, Paula Smith, Simon Baron-Cohen and William J. Skylark
Supplement (pdf)

More is easier? Testing the role of fluency in the more-credible effect, pp. 638-686 (html).
William J. Skylark
Data (zip)

Misjudgment of interrupted time-series graphs due to serial dependence: Replication of Matyas and Greenwood (1990), pp. 687-708 (html).
Anthony J. Bishara, Jacob Peller and Chad M. Galuska

Comparing mixed intertemporal tradeoffs with pure gains or pure losses, pp. 709-728 (html).
Jia-Tao Ma, Lei Wang, Li-Na Chen, Quan He, Qing-Zhou Sun, Hong-Yue Sun and Cheng-Ming Jiang
Data (csv): Study 1, Study 2
Materials (pdf): Study 1, Study 2

Influence of divided attention on the attraction effect in multialternative choice, pp. 729-742 (html).
Takashi Tsuzuki, Yuji Takeda and Itsuki Chiba
Data (xlsx)

Does a second offer that becomes irrelevant affect fairness perceptions and willingness to accept in the ultimatum game?, pp. 743-765 (html).
Alisa Voslinsky, Yaron Lahav and Ofer H. Azar
Data (xlsx)

Turning up the heat: The impact of indoor temperature on selected cognitive processes and the validity of self-report, pp. 766-795 (html).
Martijn Stroom, Nils Kok, Martin Strobel and Piet M. A. Eichholtz

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