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ISSN 1930-2975

Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 15, Number 6, November 2020


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Without a mask: Judgments of Corona virus exposure as a function of inter personal distance, pp. 881-888 (html).
Ola Svenson, Sophia Appelbom, Marcus Mayorga and Torun Lindholm Öjmyr
Data (sav)

“Quick and dirty”: Intuitive cognitive style predicts trust in Didier Raoult and his hydroxychloroquine-based treatment against COVID-19, pp. 889-908 (html).
Joffrey Fuhrer and Florian Cova
Full questionnaire

Inducing feelings of ignorance makes people more receptive to expert (economist) opinion, pp. 909-925 (html).
Ethan A. Meyers, Martin H. Turpin, Michał Białek, Jonathan A. Fugelsang and Derek J. Koehler

Activating reflective thinking with decision justification and debiasing training, pp. 926-938 (html).
Ozan Isler, Onurcan Yilmaz and Burak Dogruyol

Coherence of probability judgments from uncertain evidence: Does ACH help?, pp. 939-958 (html).
Christopher W. Karvetski and David R. Mandel

Will she give you two cookies for one chocolate? Children’s intuitions about trades, pp. 959-971 (html).
Margaret Echelbarger, Kayla Good and Alex Shaw

Kilo what? Default units increase value sensitivity in joint evaluations of energy efficiency, pp. 972-988 (html).
Mario Herberz, Tobias Brosch and Ulf J. J. Hahnel

Unit Asking --- a method for increasing donations: A replication and extension, pp. 989-993 (html).
Hulda Karlsson, Simon Hellström, Hajdi Moche and Daniel Västfjäll
Data (sav), Survey

More time, more work: How time limits bias estimates of task scope and project duration, pp. 994-1008 (html).
Indranil Goswami and Oleg Urminsky

Carryover of domain-dependent risk preferences in a novel decision-making task, pp. 1009-1023 (html).
Martin S. Shapiro, Paul C. Price and Edward Mitchell
Data (zip)

A meta-analytical and experimental examination of blood glucose effects on decision making under risk, pp. 1024-1036 (html).
Jacob Lund Orquin, Jacob Dalgaard Christensen and Carl-Johan Lagerkvist

Evaluating prosocial COVID-19 messaging frames: Evidence from a field study on Facebook, pp. 1037-1043 (html).
Sachin Banker and Joowon Park

Reanalysis of Butler and Pogrebna (2018) using true and error model, pp. 1044-1051 (html).
Michael H. Birnbaum

Intransitive preferences or choice errors? A reply to Birnbaum, pp. 1052-1053 (html).
David Butler

On the validity of the CNI model of moral decision-making: Reply to Baron and Goodwin (2020), pp. 1054- 1072 (html).
Bertram Gawronski, Paul Conway, Mandy Hütter, Dillon M. Luke, Joel Armstrong and Rebecca Friesdorf

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