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Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 1, Number 2, November 2006


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Naturalness judgments by lay Americans: Process dominates content in judgments of food or water acceptability and naturalness, pp. 91-97. (html).
Paul Rozin

Counterfactual thinking and regulatory fit, pp. 98-107. (html).
Keith D. Markman, Matthew N. McMullen, Ronald A. Elizaga, and Nobuko Mizoguchi

Probability biases as Bayesian inference, pp. 108-117. (html).
André C. R. Martins

The influence of the ratio bias phenomenon on the elicitation of health states utilities, pp. 118-133. (html).
José-Luis Pinto-Prades, Jorge-Eduardo Martinez-Perez, and José-María Abellán-Perpiñán

Are medical treatments for individuals and groups like single-play and multiple-play gambles?, pp. 134-145. (html).
Michael L. DeKay, John C. Hershey, Mark D. Spranca, Peter A. Ubel, and David A. Asch

It must be awful for them: Healthy people overlook disease variability in quality of life judgments., pp. 146-152. (html).
Heather P. Lacey, Angela Fagerlin, George Loewenstein, Dylan M. Smith, Jason Riis, and Peter A. Ubel

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer: On risk aversion in behavioral decision-making, pp. 153-158. (html).
Ingmar H. A. Franken, Irina Georgieva, Peter Muris and Ap Dijksterhuis

"Decisions from experience" = sampling error + prospect theory: Reconsidering Hertwig, Barron, Weber & Erev (2004), pp. 159-161. (html).
Craig R. Fox and Liat Hadar

Making decision research useful - not just rewarding, pp. 162-173. (html).
Rex V. Brown

Amos Tversky's contributions to legal scholarship: Remarks at the BDRM session in honor of Amos Tversky, June 16, 2006, pp. 174-178. (html).
Paul Brest

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