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Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 3, Number 6, August 2008


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Dissecting the risky-choice framing effect: Numeracy as an individual-difference factor in weighting risky and riskless options, pp. 435-448 (html).
Ellen Peters, and Irwin P. Levin

``Feeling more regret than I would have imagined'': Self-report and behavioral evidence, pp. 449-456 (html).
Diego Fernandez-Duque, and Jessica Landers

One-reason decision making in risky choice? A closer look at the priority heuristic, pp. 457-462 (html).
Benjamin E. Hilbig

Debiasing context effects in strategic decisions: Playing against a consistent opponent can correct perceptual but not reinforcement biases, pp. 463-475 (html).
Ivo Vlaev, and Nick Chater

The power of touch: An examination of the effect of duration of physical contact on the valuation of objects, pp. 476-482 (html).
James R. Wolf, Hal R. Arkes, and Waleed A. Muhanna

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