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Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 2, Number 5, October 2007


The title is linked to the pdf version, which should be used for printing, quotation, or citation. The html version is for convenience.

The application of Dempster-Shafer theory demonstrated with justification provided by legal evidence, pp. 257-276. (html).
Shawn P. Curley

When good = better than average, pp. 277-291. (html).
Don A. Moore

Relativistic financial decisions: Context effects on retirement saving and investment risk preferences, pp. 292-311. (html).
Ivo Vlaev, Nick Chater, and Neil Stewart

Decisions under unpredictable losses: An examination of the restated diversification principle, pp. 312-316. (html).
Ali Ahmed

A note on determining the number of cues used in judgment analysis studies: The issue of type II error, pp. 317-325. (html).
Jason W. Beckstead

Strategy selection during exploratory behavior: sex differences, pp. 326-332. (html).
Catherine Brandner

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