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Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 2, Number 1, February 2007


The title is linked to the pdf version, which should be used for printing, quotation, or citation. The html version is for convenience.

Actor/observer asymmetry in risky decision making, pp. 1-8. (html).
Diego Fernandez-Duque and Timothy Wifall

The use of mixed models in a modified Iowa Gambling Task and a prisoner's dilemma game, pp. 9-22. (html).
Jean Stockard, Robert M. O'Brien, and Ellen Peters

Deception and price in a market with asymmetric information, pp. 23-28. (html).
Kimmo Eriksson and Brent Simpson

Now you see it now you don't: The effectiveness of the recognition heuristic for selecting stocks, pp. 29-39. (html).
Patric Andersson and Tim Rakow

Lay intuitions about overall evaluations of experiences, pp. 40-47. (html).
Irina Cojuharenco

Susceptibility to anchoring effects: How openness-to-experience influences responses to anchoring cues, pp. 48-53. (html).
Todd McElroy and Keith Dowd

Sequential and simultaneous multiple explanation: Implications for alternative consideration when response options are not provided, pp. 54-69. (html).
Robert Litchfield and Jinyan Fan

On the appropriateness of appropriateness judgments: The case of interferon treatment for melanoma, pp. 70-78. (html).
Yoav Ganzach and Moshe Leshno

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