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Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 17, Number 3, May 2022


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Explaining human sampling rates across different decision domains, pp. 487-512 (html).
Didrika S. van de Wouw, Ryan T. McKay, Bruno B. Averbeck and Nicholas Furl

The day after the disaster: Risk-taking following large- and small-scale disasters in a microworld, pp. 513-546 (html).
Garston Liang, Tim Rakow, Eldad Yechiam and Ben R. Newell

Susceptibility to misinformation is consistent across question framings and response modes and better explained by myside bias and partisanship than analytical thinking, pp. 547-573 (html).
Jon Roozenbeek, Stefan M. Herzog, Michael Geers, Ralf Kurvers, Mubashir Sultan and Sander van der Linden
Data (csv): Cleaned, Raw
Codebook, Supplement

Maximize when valuable: The domain specificity of maximizing decision-making style, pp. 574-597 (html).
Minfan Zhu, Jun Wang and Xiaofei Xie

Combining white box models, black box machines and human interventions for interpretable decision strategies, pp. 598-627 (html).
Gregory Gadzinski and Alessio Castello

Expectations of how machines use individuating information and base-rates, pp. 628-645 (html).
Sarah D. English, Stephanie Denison and Ori Friedman
Data (csv): Exp. 1, Exp. 2, Exp. 3, Exp. 4, Exp. 5

Erratum: In the following article, an incorrect linear contrast (p. 531) has been replaced with corrected values. Conclusions are not affected. Koop, G. J. (2013). An assessment of the temporal dynamics of moral decisions. Judgment and Decision Making, 8(5), 527-539.

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