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Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 16, Number 6, November 2021


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Establishing the laws of preferential choice behavior, pp. 1324-1369 (html).
Sudeep Bhatia, Graham Loomes and Daniel Read

Expert and novice sensitivity to environmental regularities in predicting NFL games, pp. 1370-1391 (html).
Lauren E. Montgomery and Michael D. Lee

Agency and self-other asymmetries in perceived bias and shortcomings: Replications of the Bias Blind Spot and link to free will beliefs, pp. 1392-1412 (html).
Subramanya Prasad Chandrashekar, Siu Kit Yeung, Ka Chai Yau, Chung Yee Cheung, Tanay Kulbhushan Agarwal, Cho Yan Joan Wong, Tanishka Pillai, Thea Natasha Thirlwell, Wing Nam Leung, Colman Tse, Yan Tung Li, Bo Ley Cheng, Hill Yan Cedar Chan and Gilad Feldman

Development of decision making based on internal and external information: A hierarchical Bayesian approach, pp. 1413-1438 (html).
Jacqueline N. Zadelaar, Joost A. Agelink van Rentergem, Jessica V. Schaaf, Tycho J. Dekkers, Nathalie de Vent, Laura M. S. Dekkers, Maria C. Olthof, Brenda R. J. Jansen and Hilde M. Huizenga

Success stories cause false beliefs about success, pp. 1439-1463 (html).
George Lifchits, Ashton Anderson, Daniel G. Goldstein, Jake M. Hofman and Duncan J. Watts

Incentivized and non-incentivized liking ratings outperform willingness-to-pay in predicting choice, pp. 1464-1484 (html).
Joshua Hascher, Nitisha Desai and Ian Krajbich
Data (zip), Supplement

Webcam-based online eye-tracking for behavioral research, pp. 1485-1505 (html).
Xiaozhi Yang and Ian Krajbich

Differences in cooperation between social dilemmas of gain and loss, pp. 1506-1524 (html).
Qingzhou Sun, Haozhi Guo, Jiarui Wang, Jing Zhang, Chengming Jiang and Yongfang Liu
Data (zip), Supplement

Revenge is not blind: Testing the ability of retribution to justify dishonesty, pp. 1525-1548 (html).
Dar Peleg, Guy Hochman, Timothy Levine, Yechiel Klar and Shahar Ayal
Data (xlsx): Pilot, Study 1, Study 2

A brief forewarning intervention overcomes negative effects of salient changes in COVID-19 guidance, pp. 1549-1574 (html).
Jeremy D. Gretton, Ethan A. Meyers, Alexander C. Walker, Jonathan A. Fugelsang and Derek J. Koehler

COVID-19 as infodemic: the impact of political orientation and open-mindedness on the discernment of misinformation in WhatsApp, pp. 1575-1596 (html).
Andressa Bonafé-Pontes, Cleno Couto, Regis Kakinohana, Mariana Travain, Luísa Schimidt and Ronaldo Pilati
Data (sav), Analysis (Rmd), Survey (xlsx),

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