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ISSN 1930-2975

Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 16, Number 5, September 2021


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Seven (weak and strong) helping effects systematically tested in separate evaluation, joint evaluation and forced choice, pp. 1113-1154 (html).
Arvid Erlandsson

Multiattribute judgment: Acceptance of a new COVID-19 vaccine as a function of price, risk, and effectiveness, pp. 1155-1185 (html).
Michael H. Birnbaum

Consumers' ability to identify a surplus when returns to attributes are nonlinear, pp. 1186-1220 (html).
Peter D. Lunn and Jason Somerville
Data (zip), Supplement

Input-dependent noise can explain magnitude-sensitivity in optimal value-based decision-making, pp. 1221-1233 (html).
Angelo Pirrone, Andreagiovanni Reina and Fernand Gobet

Judging fast and slow: The truth effect does not increase under time-pressure conditions, pp. 1234-1266 (html).
Lena Nadarevic, Martin Schnuerch and Marlena J. Stegemann

Norm shifts under the strategy method, pp. 1267-1289 (html).
Simon Columbus and Robert Böhm

To pay or not to pay: Measuring risk preferences in lab and field, pp. 1290-1313 (html).
Pablo Brañas-Garza , Lorenzo Estepa-Mohedano, Diego Jorrat, Victor Orozco and Ericka Rascón-Ramírez
Data (csv): Honduras, Nigeria, Spain

Risky choice framing by experience: A methodological note, pp. 1314-1323 (html).
Anton Kühberger

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