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Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 16, Number 4, July 2021


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Asymmetry and symmetry of acts and omissions in punishment, norms, and judged causality, pp. 796-822 (html).
Toby Handfield, John Thrasher, Andrew Corcoran and Shaun Nichols
Data (csv): Study 1, Study 2
Data notes, Supplement

No effects of synchronicity in online social dilemma experiments: A registered report, pp. 823-843 (html).
Anthony M. Evans, Christoph Kogler and Willem W. A. Sleegers
Data (zip), Codebook

A hierarchy of mindreading strategies in joint action participation, pp. 844-897 (html).
Todd Larson Landes, Piers Douglas Howe and Yoshihisa Kashima
Data and code (zip)

Perspective neglect: Inadequate perspective taking limits coordination, pp. 898-931 (html).
Elanor F. Williams, Alicea Lieberman and On Amir

How economic success shapes redistribution: The role of self-serving beliefs, in-group bias and justice principles, pp. 932-949 (html).
Camille Dorin, Marine Hainguerlot, Hélène Huber-Yahi, Jean-Christophe Vergnaud and Vincent de Gardelle
Data (csv), Variables, Analysis (R), Supplement

The relation between disgust sensitivity and risk-taking propensity: A domain specific approach, pp. 950-968 (html).
Barış Sevi and Natalie J. Shook

Eye-tracking evidence for fixation asymmetries in verbal and numerical quantifier processing, pp. 969-1009 (html).
Dawn Liu Holford, Marie Juanchich, Tom Foulsham, Miroslav Sirota and Alasdair D. F. Clarke

Visual attention and time preference reversals, pp. 1010-1038 (html).
Yan-Bang Zhou, Qiang Li and Hong-Zhi Liu
Data and code (zip), Supplement

Patterns in manually selected numbers in the Israeli lottery, pp. 1039-1059 (html).
Brian A. Polin, Eyal Ben Isaac and Itzhak Aharon

Number preferences in selected Nigerian lottery games, pp. 1060-1071 (html).
Oluwaseun A. Otekunrin, Adesola G. Folorunso and Kehinde O. Alawode
Data (csv): Bazooka, National, Bazooka sets, Bonanza sets

Apparent age and gender differences in survival optimism: To what extent are they a bias in the translation of beliefs onto a percentage scale?, pp. 1072-1096 (html).
David A. Comerford

Does pain make people short-sighted? The impacts of physical and psychological pains on intertemporal choice, pp. 1097-1112 (html).
Jing Chen, Zhican He, Yue Sun, Weihai Xia, Zongqing Liao and Jiaqi Yuan
Data (xlsx)

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