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Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 15, Number 5, September 2020


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The delay-reward heuristic: What do people expect in intertemporal choice tasks?, pp. 611-629 (html).
William J. Skylark, Kieran T. F. Chan, George D. Farmer, Kai W. Gaskin and Amelia R. Miller

Mycological rationality: Heuristics, perception and decision-making in mushroom foraging, pp. 630-647 (html).
Roope O. Kaaronen
Data (csv)

Strategic thinking and behavior during a pandemic, pp. 648-659 (html).
Nir Halevy
Data (sav)

Comparing fast thinking and slow thinking: The relative benefits of interventions, individual differences, and inferential rules, pp. 660-684 (html).
M. Asher Lawson, Richard P. Larrick and Jack B. Soll
Data (csv): Between Ss, Within Ss, Individual differences (item level)
Keys (txt): Between Ss, Within Ss, Indivual Ss
Supplement (pdf)

Risky choice frames shift the structure and emotional valence of internal arguments: A query theory account of the unusual disease problem, pp. 685-703 (html).
Daniel Wall, Raymond D. Crookes, Eric J. Johnson and Elke U. Weber

Attraction comes from many sources: Attentional and comparative processes in decoy effects, pp. 704-726 (html).
Marco Marini, Alessandro Ansani and Fabio Paglieri
Data (xlsx): Fixations and Areas of Interest, Fixations, Surveys

Too smart for their own good: Trading truthfulness for efficiency in the Israeli medical internship market, pp. 727-740 (html).
Ariel Rosenfeld and Avinatan Hassidim
Data (zip)

A reflection on cognitive reflection – testing convergent/divergent validity of two measures of cognitive reflection, pp. 741-755 (html).
Nikola Erceg, Zvonimir Galić and Mitja Ružojčić
Data (csv), lureness, Variables (txt)

Impact of superstitious beliefs on the timing of marriage and childbirth: Evidence from Denmark, pp. 756-782 (html).
Evgeny A. Antipov and Elena B. Pokryshevskaya
Data (csv), Variables (txt)

Effect of confidence interval construction on judgment accuracy, pp. 783-797 (html).
David R. Mandel, Robert N. Collins, Evan F. Risko and Jonathan A. Fugelsang
Data (sav), Variables (txt)
Supplement (pdf)

The way of making choices: Maximizing and satisficing and its relationship to well-being, personality, and self-rumination, pp. 798-806 (html).
Lenka Vargová, Ľubica Zibrínová and Gabriel Baník
Data (sav), Variables (docx)

Does pregnancy make women more cautious and calm? The impact of pregnancy on risk decision-making, pp. 807-822 (html).
Jing Chen, Yinghan Guo, Zongqing Liao, Weihai Xia and Shengxiang She
Data (sav)

A cognitive modeling analysis of risk in sequential choice tasks, pp. 823-850 (html).
Maime Guan, Ryan Stokes, Joachim Vandekerckhove and Michael D. Lee

The individual true and error model: Getting the most out of limited data, pp. 851-860 (html).
Pele Schramm

Note on Birnbaum and Wan (2020): True and error model analysis is robust with respect to certain violations of the MARTER model, pp. 861-862 (html).
Michael H. Birnbaum and Bonny Quan
Supplement (pdf)

Information, incentives, and goals in election forecasts, pp. 863-880 (html).
Andrew Gelman, Jessica Hullman, Christopher Wlezien and George Elliott Morris

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