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ISSN 1930-2975

Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 14, Number 1, January 2019


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Belief bias and representation in assessing the Bayesian rationality of others, pp. 1-10 (html).
Richard B. Anderson, Laura Marie Leventhal, Don C. Zhang, Daniel Fasko, Jr., Zachariah Basehore, Christopher Gamsby, Jared Branch and Timothy Patrick
Data (csv): Exp. 1, Exp. 2

Welfare effects of nudges: The emotional tax of calorie menu labeling, pp. 11-25 (html).
Linda Thunström
Data: Data (csv), Variables (csv), Survey (pdf)

Improving acceptability of nudges: Learning from attitudes towards opt-in and opt-out policies, pp. 26-39 (html).
Haoyang Yan and J. Frank Yates
Data (csv): Carbon, Retirement, Organ, Key,

Do minorities like nudges? The role of group norms in attitudes towards behavioral policy, pp. 40-50 (html).
Eyal Pe’er, Yuval Feldman, Eyal Gamliel, Limor Sahar, Ariel Tikotsky, Nurit Hod and Hilla Schupak
Data (sav), Hebrew items

The representativeness heuristic and the choice of lottery tickets: A field experiment, pp. 51-57 (html).
Michał Wiktor Krawczyk and Joanna Rachubik
Data (xlsx)

Anti-social motives explain increased risk aversion for others in decisions from experience, pp. 58-71 (html).
Sebastian Olschewski, Marius Dietsch and Elliot A. Ludvig
Supplement, Data (csv, zipped), Variables: (Exp 1), (Exp 2)

The effect of limited availability on children’s consumption, engagement, and choice behavior, pp. 72-79 (html).
Michal Maimaran and Yuval Salant
Data (xlsx)

Thinking dispositions and cognitive reflection performance in schizotypy, pp. 80-90 (html).
Annabel Broyd, Ulrich Ettinger and Volker Thoma
Data (sav), Items (docx)

The collective intelligence of random small crowds: A partial replication of Kosinski et al. (2012), pp. 91-98 (html).
Ans Vercammen, Yan Ji and Mark Burgman
Data (csv), Variables

Goal center width, how to count sequences, and the gambler's fallacy in soccer penalty shootouts, pp. 98-108 (html).
Simcha Avugos, Ofer H. Azar, Nadav Gavish, Eran Sher and Michael Bar-Eli

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