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ISSN 1930-2975

Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 10, Number 5, September 2015


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Cooperative preferences fluctuate across the menstrual cycle, pp. 400-406 (html).
Christine Anderl, Tim Hahn, Karolien Notebaert, Claudia Klotz, Barbara Rutter and Sabine Windmann
Data (csv): Study 1, Study 2. Supplements: Method, Results

Decision importance as a cue for deferral, pp. 407-415 (html).
Job M. T. Krijnen, Marcel Zeelenberg and Seger M. Breugelmans
Data (sav): Intro pilot, expt. 1, expt. 2, expt. 3, expt. 4, expt. 5, expt. 6 pilot, expt. 6, expt. 7, Supplement

Forecasting forecasts: The trend effect, pp. 416-428 (html).
Sigrid Møyner Hohle and Karl Halvor Teigen
Data (sav): Study 1, Study 2, Study 3, Study 4, Study 5

Deconstructing the seductive allure of neuroscience explanations, pp. 429-441 (html).
Deena Skolnick Weisberg, Jordan C. V. Taylor and Emily J. Hopkins
Data (csv): study 1, Study 2, Study 3, Variables, Stimuli

Facing expectations: Those that we prefer to fulfil and those that we disregard, pp. 442-455 (html).
Christophe Heintz, Jérémy Celse, Francesca Giardini and Sylvain Max
Data (csv): Baseline, Transfers IIC, Transfers EC expectations, Supplement
Note: The authors have replaced this article with a new version as of Nov. 25, 2015, fixing problems discovered by a reader. The changes (here) do not affect the conclusions.

A method to elicit beliefs as most likely intervals, pp. 456-468 (html).
Karl H. Schlag and Joël J. van der Weele

Error Parsing: An alternative method of implementing social judgment theory, pp. 469-478 (html).
Crystal C. Hall and Daniel M. Oppenheimer
Data (csv), Survey (txt)

The average laboratory samples a population of 7,300 Amazon Mechanical Turk workers, pp. 479-491 (html).
Neil Stewart, Christoph Ungemach, Adam J. L. Harris, Daniel M. Bartels, Ben R. Newell, Gabriele Paolacci and Jesse Chandler
Data (gzipped tar file), Code

The influence of identifiability and singularity in moral decision making, pp. 492-502 (html).
Johanna Wiss, David Andersson, Paul Slovic, Daniel Västfjäll and Gustav Tinghög
Data (xlsx), Supplement

The attraction effect in motor planning decisions, pp. 503-510 (html).
George D. Farmer, Wael El-Deredy, Andrew Howes and Paul A. Warren
Data (csv): training, choice, variables

Note: A supplement with additional data analysis has been added to the article by Deppe et al., Reflective liberals and intuitive conservatives: A look at the Cognitive Reflection Test and ideology.

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