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ISSN 1930-2975

Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 10, Number 4, July 2015


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Improving dynamic decision making through training and self-reflection, pp. 284-295 (html).
Sarah J. Donovan, C. Dominik Güss and Dag Naslund
Data (sav), Presentation (notes), Surveys (sav)

The curious tale of Julie and Mark: Unraveling the moral dumbfounding effect, pp. 296-313 (html).
Edward B. Royzman, Kwanwoo Kim and Robert F. Leeman
Data (sav): Study 1, Study 2, Study 3

Reflective liberals and intuitive conservatives: A look at the Cognitive Reflection Test and ideology, pp. 314-331 (html).
Kristen D. Deppe, Frank J. Gonzalez, Jayme L. Neiman, Carly Jacobs, Jackson Pahlke, Kevin B. Smith and John R. Hibbing
Data (csv): Study 1, Study 2 (survey), Study 3, Study 4, variables (all studies), Supplement concerning complete results

Cognitive reflection predicts the acceptance of unfair ultimatum game offers, pp. 332-341 (html).
Dustin P. Calvillo and Jessica N. Burgeno
Data (csv): Study 1, Study 2, Stimuli

Type of army service and decision to engage in risky behavior among young people in Israel, pp. 342-354 (html).
Sharon Garyn-Tal and Shosh Shahrabani
Data (csv)

It pays to be nice, but not really nice: Asymmetric reputations from prosociality across 7 countries, pp. 355-364 (html).
Nadav Klein, Igor Grossmann, Ayse K. Uskul, Alexandra A. Kraus and Nicholas Epley
Data (csv)

Divergence between individual perceptions and objective indicators of tail risks: Evidence from floodplain residents in New York City, pp. 365-385 (html).
W.J. Wouter Botzen, Howard Kunreuther and Erwann Michel-Kerjan
Data (csv), description

Willingness to test for BRCA1/2 in high risk women: Influenced by risk perception and family experience, rather than by objective or subjective numeracy?, pp. 386-399 (html).
Talya Miron-Shatz, Yaniv Hanoch, Benjamin A. Katz, Glen M. Doniger and Elissa M. Ozanne
Data (sav), Variables

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