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ISSN 1930-2975

Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 10, Number 3, May 2015


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Risks deter but pleasures allure: Is pleasure more important?, pp. 204-218 (html).
Li-Wei Chao, Helena Szrek, Rui Leite, Karl Peltzer and Shandir Ramlagan
Data (csv)

Inverted U-shaped model: How frequent repetition affects perceived risk, pp. 219-224 (html).
Xi Lu, Xiaofei Xie and Lu Liu
Data (sav)

How bookies make your money, pp. 225-231 (html).
Philip W. S. Newall
Data (xlsx): bets, scorelines, scorers

A direct and comprehensive test of two postulates of politeness theory applied to uncertainty communication, pp. 232-240 (html).
Miroslav Sirota and Marie Juanchich
Data: csv, coding (R)

The narrative bias revisited: What drives the biasing influence of narrative information on risk perceptions?, pp. 241-264 (html).
Cornelia Betsch, Niels Haase, Frank Renkewitz and Philipp Schmid
Data (sav): Expt. 1, Expt. 2

The effectiveness of imperfect weighting in advice taking, pp. 265-276 (html).
Peter Bednarik and Thomas Schultze

Less cognitive conflict does not imply choice of the default option: Commentary on Kieslich and Hilbig (2014), pp. 277-279 (html).
Kristian Ove R. Myrseth and Conny Wollbrant

Judging competing theoretical accounts by their empirical content and parsimony: Reply to Myrseth and Wollbrant (2015), pp. 280-283 (html).
Pascal J. Kieslich and Benjamin E. Hilbig

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