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Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 6, Number 4, June 2011


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Pay as much as you can afford: Counterpart's ability to pay and first offers in negotiation, pp. 275-282 (html).
Yossi Maaravi, Asya Pazy and Yoav Ganzach

Repeated judgment sampling: Boundaries, pp. 283-294 (html).
Johannes Müller-Trede
Data: README, Answers1, Answers2, Part1, Part2

Two sides of the same coin: Information processing style and reverse biases, pp. 295-306 (html).
Shahar Ayal, Guy Hochman and Dan Zakay

Maximizing and customer loyalty: Are maximizers less loyal?, pp. 307-313 (html).
Linda Lai

Would you rather be injured by lightning or a downed power line? Preference for natural hazards, pp. 314-322 (html).
Jeffrey M. Rudski, William Osei, Ari R. Jacobson and Carl R. Lynch
Data (sav format): main study, follow-up

Nudge to nobesity I: Minor changes in accessibility decrease food intake, pp. 323-332 (html).
Paul Rozin, Sydney Scott, Megan Dingley, Joanna K. Urbanek, Hong Jiang and Mark Kaltenbach

Nudge to nobesity II: Menu positions influence food orders, pp. 333-342 (html).
Eran Dayan and Maya Bar-Hillel
Data (csv)

How comparing decision outcomes affects subsequent decisions: The carry-over of a comparative mind-set, pp. 343-350 (html).
Daniela Raeva, Eric van Dijk and Marcel Zeelenberg

Unconscious intuition or conscious analysis? Critical questions for the Deliberation-Without-Attention paradigm, pp. 351-358 (html).
Balazs Aczel, Bence Lukacs, Judit Komlos and Michael R. F. Aitken
Data (csv)

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