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Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 6, Number 3, April 2011


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In defense of the personal/impersonal distinction in moral psychology research: Cross-cultural validation of the dual process model of moral judgment, pp. 186-195 (html).
Adam B. Moore, N. Y. Louis Lee, Brian A. M. Clark and Andrew R. A. Conway

Coming close to the ideal alternative: The concordant-ranks strategy, pp. 196-210 (html).
Neda Kerimi, Henry Montgomery and Dan Zakay

Contingency inferences driven by base rates: Valid by sampling, pp. 211-221 (html).
Florian Kutzner, Tobias Vogel, Peter Freytag and Klaus Fiedler

A proximity effect in adults' contamination intuitions, pp. 222-229 (html).
Laura R. Kim and Nancy S. Kim

Is variety the spice of life? It all depends on the rate of consumption, pp. 230-238 (html).
Jeff Galak, Justin Kruger and George Loewenstein
Data (csv): Study 1, Study 2, Study 3

Are groups more likely to defer choice than their members?, pp. 239-251 (html).
Chris M. White, Sebastian Hafenbrädl, Ulrich Hoffrage, Nils Reisen and Jan K. Woike

The Decision Making Individual Differences Inventory and guidelines for the study of individual differences in judgment and decision-making research, pp. 252-261 (html).
Kirstin C. Appelt, Kerry F. Milch, Michel J. J. Handgraaf and Elke U. Weber

Risk communication with pictographs: The role of numeracy and graph processing, pp. 263-274 (html).
Rebecca Hess, Vivianne H. M. Visschers, and Michael Siegrist
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