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Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 5, Number 2, April 2010


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Domain-specific temporal discounting and temptation, pp. 72-82 (html).
Eli Tsukayama and Angela Lee Duckworth

Decisions by coin toss: Inappropriate but fair, pp. 83-101 (html).
Gideon Keren and Karl H. Teigen

The effects of attractive but unattainable alternatives on the attractiveness of near and distant future menus, pp. 102-109 (html).
Leah Borovoi, Nira Liberman and Yaacov Trope

Memory reflected in our decisions: Higher working memory capacity predicts greater bias in risky choice, pp. 110-115 (html).
Jonathan Corbin, Todd McElroy and Cassie Black
Data (SPSS format)

Genetic testing and risk interpretation: How do women understand lifetime risk results?, pp. 116-123 (html).
Yaniv Hanoch, Talya Miron-Shatz and Mary Himmelstein

Gambler's fallacy, hot hand belief, and the time of patterns, pp. 124-132 (html).
Yanlong Sun and Hongbin Wang

The gambler's fallacy in retrospect: A supplementary comment on Oppenheimer and Monin (2009), pp. 133-137 (html).
William J. Matthews
Data (csv)

(When) are religious people nicer? Religious salience and the ``Sunday effect'' on pro-social behavior, pp. 138-143 (html).
Deepak Malhotra

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