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Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 4, Number 6, October 2009


The title is linked to the pdf version, which should be used for printing, quotation, or citation. The html version is for convenience.

From group diffusion to ratio bias: Effects of denominator and numerator salience on intuitive risk and likelihood judgments, pp. 436-446 (html).
Paul C. Price and Teri V. Matthews

The coexistence of overestimation and underweighting of rare events and the contingent recency effect, pp. 447-460 (html).
Greg Barron and Eldad Yechiam

A paycheck half-empty or half-full? Framing, fairness and progressive taxation, pp. 461-466 (html).
Stian Reimers

Exploiting moral wiggle room: Illusory preference for fairness? A comment, pp. 467-474 (html).
Tara Larson and C. Monica Capra

Additivity dominance: Additives are more potent and more often lexicalized across languages than are ``subtractives'', pp. 475-478 (html).
Paul Rozin, Claude Fischler, and Christy Shields-Argelès

The motivated use of moral principles, pp. 479-491 (html).
Eric Luis Uhlmann, David A. Pizarro, David Tannenbaum, and Peter H. Ditto

The benefits of global scaling in multi-criteria decision analysis, pp. 492-508 (html).
Jamie P. Monat

Are complex decisions better left to the unconscious? Further failed replications of the deliberation-without-attention effect, pp. 509-517 (html).
Dustin P. Calvillo and Alan Penaloza

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