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Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 4, Number 5, August 2009


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The retrospective gambler's fallacy: Unlikely events, constructing the past, and multiple universes, pp. 326-334 (html).
Daniel M. Oppenheimer and Benoit Monin

How distinct are intuition and deliberation? An eye-tracking analysis of instruction-induced decision modes, pp. 335-354 (html).
Nina Horstmann, Andrea Ahlgrimm and Andreas Glöckner

Recalled emotions and risk judgments: Field study of the 2006 Israel-Lebanon War, pp. 355-362 (html).
Shosh Shahrabani, Uri Benzion and Tal Shavit

Bayesian analysis of deterministic and stochastic prisoner's dilemma games, pp. 363-384 (html).
Howard Kunreuther, Gabriel Silvasi, Eric T. Bradlow and Dylan Small

Fear and loathing in Las Vegas: Evidence from blackjack tables, pp. 385-396 (html).
Bruce I. Carlin and David T. Robinson

Post-decision consolidation and distortion of facts, pp. 397-407 (html).
Ola Svenson, Ilkka Salo and Torun Lindholm

Information search and information distortion in the diagnosis of an ambiguous presentation, pp. 408-418 (html).
Olga Kostopoulou, Christos Mousoulis and Brendan Delaney

How different types of participant payments alter task performance, pp. 419-428 (html).
Gary L. Brase

On the relative importance of the hot stove effect and the tendency to rely on small samples, pp. 429-435 (html).
Takemi Fujikawa

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