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Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 3, Number 8, December 2008


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Who helps more? How self-other discrepancies influence decisions in helping situations, pp. 595-606 (html).
Tehila Kogut and Ruth Beyth-Marom

Affective reactions and context-dependent processing of negations, pp. 607-618 (html).
Enrico Rubaltelli and Paul Slovic

Intuitive numbers guide decisions, pp. 619-635 (html).
Ellen Peters, Paul Slovic, Daniel Västfjäll, and C. K. Mertz

Perceived time pressure and the Iowa Gambling Task, pp. 636-640 (html).
Michael A. DeDonno and Heath A. Demaree

Identifying decision strategies in a consumer choice situation, pp. 641-658 (html).
Nils Reisen, Ulrich Hoffrage, and Fred W. Mast

Learning to communicate risk information in groups, pp. 659-666 (html).
Hsuchi Ting and Thomas S. Wallsten

On the complexity of traffic judges' decisions, pp. 667-678 (html).
David Leiser and Dov-Ron Schatzberg

Special supplement:
Mhairi's Dilemma: A study of decision analysis at work, pp. 679-689 (html).
Barbara Mullin, Mhairi Mullin, and Roger Mullin
with comments by Jack Dowie and Rex V. Brown

Editor's report and acknowledgements

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