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Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 17, Number 6, November 2022


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Pretrial release judgments and decision fatigue, pp. 1176-1207 (html).
Ravi Shroff and Konstantinos Vamvourellis

When and why people perform mindless math, pp. 1208-1228 (html).
M. Asher Lawson, Richard P. Larrick and Jack B. Soll

Do people believe that you can have too much money? The relationship between hypothetical lottery wins and expected happiness, pp. 1229-1254 (html).
Tessa Haesevoets, Kim Dierckx and Alain Van Hiel

Successful everyday decision making: Combining attributes and associates, pp. 1255-1286 (html).
Adrian P. Banks and David M. Gamblin

Value-directed information search in partner choice, pp. 1287-1312 (html).
Hongyi Wang, Jiaxin Ma and Lisheng He

Social preferences before and after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in China, pp. 1313-1333 (html).
King King Li, Ying-yi Hong, Bo Huang and Tony Tam
Data and code (zip), Supplement

Scientific contagion heuristic: Judgments about the acceptability of water for religious use after potential scientific treatment, pp. 1334-1352 (html).
Sumitava Mukherjee and Payel C. Mukherjee
Data (xlsx): Study 1, Study 2, Study 3, Study 4

Waiting is painful: The impact of anticipated dread on negative discounting in the loss domain, pp. 1353-1378 (html).
Hong-Yue Sun, Jia-Tao Ma, Lei Zhou, Cheng-Ming Jiang and Shu Li
Data (csv): Exp 1a, Exp 1b, Exp 2a, Exp 2b, Exp 3, Variables (pdf)

The prominence effect in health-care priority setting, pp. 1379-1391 (html).
Emil Persson, Arvid Erlandsson, Paul Slovic, Daniel Västfjäll and Gustav Tinghög
Data and code (zip), Supplement

Hypothesized drivers of the bias blind spot—cognitive sophistication, introspection bias, and conversational processes, pp. 1392-1421 (html).
David R. Mandel, Robert N. Collins, Alexander C. Walker, Jonathan A. Fugelsang and Evan F. Risko

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