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ISSN 1930-2975

Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 14, Number 5, September 2019


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An exploration of the motivational basis of take-some and give-some games, pp. 535-546 (html).
Tessa Haesevoets, Alain Van Hiel, Jasper Van Assche, Dries H. Bostyn and Chris Reinders Folmer
Data (csv): Exp 1, Exp 2
Variables (xlsx): Exp 1, Exp 2
Supplement (pdf)

A hard to read font reduces the causality bias, pp. 547-554 (html).
Marcos Díaz-Lago and Helena Matute
Data (csv)

Decision conflict drives reaction times and utilitarian responses in sacrificial dilemmas, pp. 555-564 (html).
Alejandro Rosas, Juan Pablo Bermúdez and David Aguilar-Pardo
Data (sav): Study 1, Study 2, Study 3

The glow of grime: Why cleaning an old object can wash away its value, pp. 565-572 (html).
Merrick Levene, Daisy Z. Hu and Ori Friedman
Data (csv): Exp 1, Exp 2, Exp 3, Exp 4, Exp 5, Materials (pdf)

Limited resources or limited luck? Why people perceive an illusory negative correlation between the outcomes of choice options despite unequivocal evidence for independence, pp. 573-590 (html).
Déborah Marciano, Eden Krispin, Sacha Bourgeois-Gironde and Leon Y. Deouell
Data (csv): Exp 1, Exp 2, Exp 3, Exp 3 vs 2, Variables (txt)

The role of cognitive reflection in decision making: Evidence from Pakistani managers, pp. 591-604 (html).
Muhammad Sajid and Matthew C. Li
Data (sav), Questionnaire (pdf)

High-stakes hedges are misunderstood too. A commentary on: “Valuing bets and hedges: Implications for the construct of risk preference”, pp. 605-607 (html).
Philip W. S. Newall and Dominic Cortis

Bayesian and frequentist analysis of True and Error models, pp. 608-616 (html).
Michael H. Birnbaum

A response to Mandel’s (2019) commentary on Stastny and Lehner (2018), pp. 617-619 (html).
Paul Lehner and Bradley Stastny

Solving stumpers, CRT and CRAT: Are the abilities related?, pp. 620-623 (html).
Maya Bar-Hillel, Tom Noah and Shane Frederick
Data (csv)

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