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ISSN 1930-2975

Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 13, Number 5, September 2018


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Different heuristics and same bias: A spectral analysis of biased judgments and individual decision rules, pp. 401-412 (html).
Ola Svenson, Nichel Gonzalez and Gabriella Eriksson
Data (sav), Questionnaire

Randomization and serial dependence in professional tennis matches: Do strategic considerations, player rankings and match characteristics matter?, pp. 413-427 (html).
Leonidas Spiliopoulos
Data (matlab), Rank and match analysis (dta), Player ranks (dta) Supplement

TEMAP2.R: True and Error model analysis program in R, pp. 428-440 (html).
Michael H. Birnbaum and Edika G. Quispe-Torreblanca
TEMAP2.R, Example.xlsx, TE_calcs_2_choices.xlsx

Reversing the causal arrow: Incidence and properties of negative backward magical contagion in Americans, pp. 441-450 (html).
Paul Rozin, Christopher Dunn and Natalie Fedotova
Data (sav): Study 1, Study 2

Choosing victims: Human fungibility in moral decision-making, pp. 451-457 (html).
Michał Białek, Jonathan Fugelsang and Ori Friedman
Data (sav): Expt. 1, Expt. 2, Expt. 3

How far is the suffering? The role of psychological distance and victims’ identifiability in donation decisions, pp. 458-466 (html).
Tehila Kogut, Ilana Ritov, Enrico Rubaltelli and Nira Liberman
Data (sav): Study 1, Study 2, Study 3

Do discounts mitigate numerological superstitions? Evidence from the Russian real estate market, pp. 467-470 (html).
Dmitry Burakov
Data (xlsx)

Time-varying risk behavior and prior investment outcomes: Evidence from Italy, pp. 471-483 (html).
Andrea Lippi, Laura Barbieri, Mariacristina Piva and Werner De Bondt
Data (xlsx)

Post-decision search in repeated and variable environments, pp. 484-500 (html).
Kinneret Teodorescu, Ke Sang and Peter M. Todd
Data (csv): Preliminary game, Study 1 game, Study 2 game,
Prelim. maxmization scale, Study 1 maximization, Study 2 maximizaiton,
Prelim. NFC scale, Study 1 NFC, Study 2 NFC,

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