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ISSN 1930-2975

Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 11, Number 2, March 2016


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On the meaning and measurement of maximization, pp. 126-146 (html).
Nathan N. Cheek and Barry Schwartz

Backward planning: Effects of planning direction on predictions of task completion time, pp. 147-167 (html).
Jessica Wiese, Roger Buehler and Dale Griffin
Data (sav): Study 1, Study 2, Study 3, Study 4. Materials, Results.

"Isn't everyone like me?": On the presence of self-similarity in strategic interactions, pp. 168-173 (html).
Ariel Rubinstein and Yuval Salant
Data (csv): Main experiment, Chicken ranking outcomes, Chicken beliefs. Stimuli

Post-error recklessness and the hot hand, pp. 174-184 (html).
Paul Williams, Andrew Heathcote, Keith Nesbitt and Ami Eidels
Data (zip)

On the generality of the effect of experiencing prior gains and losses on the Iowa Gambling Task: A study on young and old adults, pp. 185-196 (html).
Alessia Rosi, Elena Cavallini, Nadia Gamboz and Riccardo Russo
Data (sav)

The effect of perceived advantage and disadvantage on the variability and stability of efficacy beliefs, pp. 197-204 (html).
Yoav Ganzach
Data (txt), Key

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