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Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 8, Number 1, January 2013


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How well can adolescents really judge risk? Simple, self reported risk factors out-predict teens' self estimates of personal risk, pp. 1-6 (html).
Alexander Persoskie
Data (xlsx)

Reluctant altruism and peer pressure in charitable giving, pp. 7-15 (html).
Diane Reyniers and Richa Bhalla
Data (dta), (csv)

Savings, subgoals, and reference points, pp. 16-24 (html).
Helen Colby and Gretchen B. Chapman
Data (xlsx)

A cautionary note on global recalibration, pp. 25-28 (html).
Joseph B. Kadane and Baruch Fischhoff

Communicating clinical trial outcomes: Effects of presentation method on physicians' evaluations of new treatments, pp. 29-33 (html).
Francesco Marcatto, Jonathan J. Rolison and Donatella Ferrante
Data (sav)

The devil you know: The effect of brand recognition and product ratings on consumer choice, pp. 34-44 (html).
Volker Thoma and Alwyn Williams
Data (sav), RT Data (csv) (sav), Trials (csv), Key

Magical thinking in predictions of negative events: Evidence for tempting fate but not for a protection effect, pp. 45-54 (html).
Job van Wolferen, Yoel Inbar and Marcel Zeelenberg
Data (tar)

Reply: Birnbaum's (2012) statistical tests of independence have unknown Type-I error rates and do not replicate within participant, pp. 55-73 (html).
Yun-shil Cha, Michelle Choi, Ying Guo, Michel Regenwetter and Chris Zwilling
Code and data (zip)

Preference for increasing wages: How do people value various streams of income?, pp. 74-90 (html).
Sean Duffy and John Smith
Data (csv): Study 1, Study 2, Study 3,Study 4

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