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Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 4, Number 1, February 2009


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Time preference and its relationship with age, health, and survival probability, pp. 1-19 (html).
Li-Wei Chao, Helena Szrek, Nuno Sousa Pereira, and Mark V. Pauly

Cognitive abilities and superior decision making under risk: A protocol analysis and process model evaluation, pp. 20-33 (html).
Edward T. Cokely and Colleen M. Kelley

Numeracy, frequency, and Bayesian reasoning, pp. 34-40 (html).
Gretchen B. Chapman and Jingjing Liu

Moody experts --- How mood and expertise influence judgmental anchoring, pp. 41-50 (html).
Birte Englich and Kirsten Soder

Speakers' choice of frame in binary choice: Effects of recommendation mode and option attractiveness, pp. 51-63 (html).
Marc van Buiten and Gideon Keren

Psychophysics and the judgment of price: Judging complex objects on a non-physical dimension elicits sequential effects like those in perceptual tasks, pp. 64-81 (html).
William J. Matthews and Neil Stewart

Causal explanations affect judgments of the need for psychological treatment, pp. 82-91 (html).
Nancy S. Kim and Stefanie T. LoSavio

Aging and choice: Applications to Medicare Part D, pp. 92-101 (html).
Betty E. Tanius, Stacey Wood, Yaniv Hanoch, and Thomas Rice

"Am I going to be happy and financially stable?": How American women feel when they think about financial security, pp. 102-112 (html).
Talya Miron-Shatz

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