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Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 2, Number 6, December 2007


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Action orientation, consistency and feelings of regret, pp. 333-341. (html).
Todd McElroy and Keith Dowd

Maximizers versus satisficers: Decision-making styles, competence, and outcomes, pp. 342-350. (html).
Andrew M. Parker, Wändi Bruine de Bruin, and Baruch Fischhoff
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Weighing waiting: The influence of information certainty and delay penalty on waiting for noninstrumental information, pp. 351-358. (html).
Samuel M. Duncan, Steven M. Wengrovitz, Alexandra Sedlovskaya, and Andrea L. Patalano

Metacognitive judgment and denial of deficit: Evidence from frontotemporal dementia, pp. 359-370. (html).
Diego Fernandez-Duque and Sandra E. Black

Easy does it: The role of fluency in cue weighting, pp. 371-379. (html).
Anuj K. Shah and Daniel M. Oppenheimer

Context effects in games: Local versus global sequential effects on choice in the prisoner's dilemma game, pp. 380-389. (html).
Ivo Vlaev and Nick Chater

An examination of ambiguity aversion: Are two heads better than one?, pp. 390-397. (html).
L. Robin Keller, Rakesh K. Sarin, and Jayavel Sounderpandian

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