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ISSN 1930-2975

Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 15, Number 3, May 2020


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Money makes the world go round, and basic research can help, pp. 304-310 (html).
Ido Erev

An experimental guide to vehicles in the park, pp. 312-329 (html).
Noel Struchiner, Ivar R. Hannikainen and Guilherme da F. C. F. de Almeida
Data (zip), Codebook (docx), Stimuli (pdf)

Do multiple-trial games better reflect prosocial behavior than single-trial games?, pp. 330-345 (html).
Tessa Haesevoets, Alain Van Hiel, Kim Dierckx and Chris Reinders Folmer
Data (csv), Variables (xlsx)

Crowding-out (-in) effects of subsidy schemes on individual donations: An experimental study, pp. 346-352 (html).
Hui-Chun Peng and Wen-Jing Liu
Data (xlsx), Instructions (pdf)

Harbingers of foul play: A field study of gain/loss frames and regulatory fit in the NFL, pp. 353-370 (html).
Evan Polman, Lyn M. Van Swol and Paul R. Hoban

Inducing alternative-based and characteristic-based search procedures in risky choice, pp. 371-380 (html).
Luigi Mittone and Mauro Papi
Data (xlsx), Supplement (pdf), Videos (zip)

Delay discounting and risky choice: Meta-analytic evidence regarding single-process theories, pp. 381-400 (html).
Kelli L. Johnson, Michael T. Bixter and Christian C. Luhmann
Data (csv), (Key), Supplement (pdf)

Individual differences in receptivity to scientific bullshit, pp. 401-412 (html).
Anthony Evans, Willem Sleegers and Žan Mlakar
Materials (docs), Data and code (zip)

Comparing the effect of rational and emotional appeals on donation behavior, pp. 413-420 (html).
Matthew Lindauer, Marcus Mayorga, Joshua Greene, Paul Slovic, Daniel Västfjäll and Peter Singer
Data (csv), Codebook (text)

Consequences, norms, and inaction: A critical analysis, pp. 421-442 (html).
Jonathan Baron and Geoffrey P. Goodwin
Data (csv): Exp1, Exp1, Definitions (txt)

Patients prefer artificial intelligence to a human provider, provided the AI is better than the human: A commentary on Longoni, Bonezzi and Morewedge (2019), pp. 443-445 (html).
Mark V. Pezzo and Jason W. Beckstead

Resistance to medical artificial intelligence is an attribute in a compensatory decision process: Response to Pezzo and Becksted (2020), pp. 446-448 (html).
Chiara Longoni, Andrea Bonezzi and Carey K. Morewedge

Algorithm aversion is too often presented as though it were non-compensatory: A reply to Longoni et al. (2020), pp. 449-451 (html).
Mark V. Pezzo and Jason W. Beckstead

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