Production process (JDM)

The basic idea is to produce a .tex file, with settings in the header for two columns and other things like foreign characters, math, and nice tables. To get this from a word-processor document I use LibreOffice to produce .odt, then writer2latex to produce .tex. After I fix this up, when everything is final and the proof is approved, I use hevea to produce the html version. When the whole issue is done, I produce files for RePEc, DOAJ, the various indexing organizations, and the rss feed. The table of contents is a by-product of these operations, as is the listing by author.

My summary of the whole process, including notifications.

For converting word-processor formats to LaTeX, and LaTeX to html.
My notes on LaTeX
Batch file to convert .odt (made by LibreOffice) to .tex, using writer2latex
configuration file for writer2latex
configuration file for HEVEA (for making html)
CSS file for html version

For RePEc (Research Papers in Economics), table of contents, citations, and notifications. (Perl scripts by Adam Kramer and Alan Schwartz.)
notes on usage
Template for 'dat' format
Make table of contents
Convert 'dat' to APA format
Make RePEc 'rdf' format
Make 'ris' format
Extract abstract from .tex files
R script for making rss feed from RePEc rdf
R script for DOAJ (and archives)

When I need to re-draw figures, I use R. Here are some old examples. The numbers are related to the articles. For example, "8221/figs.R" has results in "8221/jdm8221.pdf".

Jonathan Baron