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The Society for Judgment and Decision Making (SJDM) now has a blog

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The Society for Judgment and Decision Making (JDM Society) has gone a long time without a web log. They have a journal, a newsletter, and a fine conference, but until recently no blog to call their own.

That changes now with the launch of It’s Your Choice, edited by Laura Scherer and Gaëlle Vallée-Tourangeau. The tagline is “a cutting edge research digest about behavioral decision science from the Society for Judgment and Decision Making”.

The kick-off post is here. In it, Laura and Gaëlle say that will mainly be publishing 800-1000 word research briefs contributed submitted by authors like you (Decision Science News Readers), in addition to these other kinds of posts:

  • methodology posts discussing important issues relevant to conducting of JDM research or introducing new methodological procedures for studying JDM.
  • explainers which aim to provide the background knowledge necessary to understand current topical JDM research
  • opinion columns where authors are free to express their views on hot topics relevant to JDM
  • reflective commentaries describing a practical “real-world” JDM issues

The post kick-off post post is by Dan Goldstein, former SJDM President, on what JDM is and what it isn’t.

Submit your own content to It’s Your Choice.


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