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Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 7, Number 6, November 2012


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Is that the answer you had in mind? The effect of perspective on unethical behavior, pp. 679-688 (html).
Amos Schurr, Ilana Ritov, Yaakov Kareev and Judith Avrahami
Data (sav)

The tyranny of choice: a cross-cultural investigation of maximizing-satisfising effects on well-being, pp. 689-704 (html).
Arne Roets, Barry Schwartz and Yanjun Guan
Data (zipped csv files)

"Leaving it to chance"-Passive risk taking in everyday life, pp. 705-715 (html).
Ruty Keinan and Yoella Bereby-Meyer
Data: exp1.csv, exp2part1.csv, exp2part2.csv

Predicting (un)healthy behavior: A comparison of risk-taking propensity measures, pp. 716-727 (html).
Helena Szrek, Li-Wei Chao, Shandir Ramlagan and Karl Peltzer
Data (csv), key (txt)

Using inferred probabilities to measure the accuracy of imprecise forecasts, pp. 728-740 (html).
Paul Lehner, Avra Michelson, Leonard Adelman and Anna Goodman
Data (xls), Explanation Of Archive Content (pdf), Ground Truth Rater Instructions, Parsing Rules, Reader Instructions

What do Americans know about inequality? It depends on how you ask them, pp. 741-745 (html).
Kimmo Eriksson and Brent Simpson
Data: studies 1-4 (sav), study 5

The nonsense math effect, pp. 746-749 (html).
Kimmo Eriksson
Data (csv)

Delaying information search, pp. 750-760 (html).
Yaniv Shani, Niels van de Ven and Marcel Zeelenberg
Data (sav): Study 1, same person, Study 1, Tue vs. Fri, Study 2, Study 3, Footnote

Debiasing egocentrism and optimism biases in repeated competitions, pp. 761-767 (html).
Jason P. Rose, Paul D. Windschitl and Andrew R. Smith
Data (csv) (for regressions) (for round level), Guide (text) (pdf)

The impact of near-miss events on betting behavior: An examination of casino rapid roulette play, pp. 768-778 (html).
James A. Sundali, Amanda H. Safford and Rachel Croson
Data (csv)

The unconscious thought advantage: Further replication failures from a search for confirmatory evidence, pp. 779-798 (html).
Mark Nieuwenstein and Hedderik van Rijn
Data (sav): exp 1, exp 2, exp 3, exp 4, across-experiment analysis

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