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Judgment and Decision Making

Volume 3, Number 1, January 2008

Special issue: Intuition and Affect in Risk Perception and Decision Making

Editors: Gisela Böhm and Wibecke Brun


The title is linked to the pdf version, which should be used for printing, quotation, or citation. The html version is for convenience.

Introducton to the special issue: Intuition and affect in risk perception and decision making, pp. 1-4. (html).
Gisela Böhm & Wibecke Brun

The multiplicity of emotions: A framework of emotional functions in decision making, pp. 5-17. (html).
Hans-Rüdiger Pfister and Gisela Böhm

On emotion specificity in decision making: why feeling is for doing, pp. 18-27. (html).
Marcel Zeelenberg, Rob M. A. Nelissen, Seger M. Breugelmans, and Rik Pieters

Intuitive decisions on the fringes of consciousness: Are they conscious and does it matter?, pp. 28-41. (html).
Mark C. Price and Elisabeth Norman

In the winning mood: Affect in the Iowa gambling task, pp. 42-50. (html).
Marieke de Vries, Rob W. Holland, and Cilia L. M. Witteman

Taboos and conflicts in decision making: Sacred values, decision difficulty, and emotions, pp. 51-63. (html).
Martin Hanselmann and Carmen Tanner

Affect, risk perception and future optimism after the tsunami disaster, pp. 64-72. (html).
Daniel Västfjäll, Ellen Peters and Paul Slovic

Anticipated and experienced emotions in environmental risk perception, pp. 73-86. (html).
Gisela Böhm and Hans-Rüdiger Pfister

The Regret and Disappointment Scale: An instrument for assessing regret and disappointment in decision making, pp. 87-99. (html).
Francesco Marcatto and Donatella Ferrante

Emotional tone and argumentation in risk communication, pp. 100-110. (html).
Denis Hilton

Trust in motives, trust in competence: Separate factors determining the effectiveness of risk communication, pp. 111-120. (html).
Matt Twyman, Nigel Harvey and Clare Harries

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