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57th Edwards Bayesian Research Conference, Feb 27-29, 2020, Fullerton, CA

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In this conference, investigators present original research on a variety of topics related to judgment and decision making, including but not limited to:

  • Decision making under risk, uncertainty, and ambiguity
  • Intertemporal choice
  • Cognitive models of judgment and decision making
  • Mathematical and statistical methodology for analyzing behavioral data
  • Applications of JDM theory and models to health care and public policy
  • Medical, legal, and business decision making
  • Expert forecasting
  • Wisdom of the crowds

Research may be empirical or theoretical, involving questions that may be basic or applied and theories that may be normative or descriptive, and does NOT need to involve to Bayes theorem or Bayesian statistics .

The conference will take place on the campus of California State University Fullerton.

We maintain certain traditions that have made these meetings so enjoyable. As Ward Edwards put it,

…the atmosphere is informal, the discussion can get intense, and many of the best debates take place during coffee breaks or in the hospitality suite at the end of the day. This Conference is a good place to try out your latest, wildest set of ideas on a kindly, knowledgeable, and critical audience.

If you would like to give a talk, please submit an abstract on the registration form at the link below. Submissions are due December 13, 2019.

Conference information

Online registration form


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