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Summer School in Collective Intelligence: Theories and Applications, Sept 9-13, 2019, Bari Italy

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What: Summer School in Collective Intelligence: Theories and Applications
When: September 9-13, 2019
Where: Palace Hotel, via F. Lombardi, 13, 70122 Bari, Italy

The last decade has seen a rapid growth of the number of studies on the collective intelligence of complex systems. It concerns a form of distributed intelligence, which emerges from collaboration and competition of many interconnected entities, whose behavioral rules are often also very simple. From groups of animals, such as schools of fishes, colonies of ants, flocks of birds, to human groups, such as teams and organizations, to networks such as economies, neuronal networks, scientist networks, and financial systems, all these systems show the ability to reach higher performance than single entities, exploiting the power of social relationships and multiple connections.

Research has currently proposed theories to understand the building blocks and the basic mechanisms of collective intelligence as well as developed applications of intelligent artificial systems, inspired by this property. What emerges is that the topic spans beyond the borders of single fields of study and embraces multiple disciplines, such as biology, cognitive science, physics, computer science, management, and economics. Applications refer to different contexts, from robotics to industrial optimization, politics, and artificial intelligence.

The main aim of this Summer School is to provide an updated overview of the topic, both on theories and applications, according to this multidisciplinary perspective. To pursue this goal, the School offers a collection of topical lectures in multiple fields, given by leading international scholars from high-ranked academia and research centers.

The Summer School is mainly addressed to PhD students and young researchers, who would like to improve their knowledge about mechanisms and dynamics of collective behaviors of complex systems, from animals to individuals, to economies. PhD students attending the school will receive 6 ECTS certification.

The registration fee is 350 EUR. The fee includes coffee breaks, lunches, and social dinner. The fee is waived for PhD students enrolled at Politecnico di Bari.

Registration should be made within the end of August fulfilling the registration form. Please send the registration form together with a copy of the bank transfer to ilaria.giannoccaro at
poliba.it and renata.martinelli at poliba.it.

Website with more information

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