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SJDM members by field and gender

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In order to make sure that decisions made for the Society for Judgment and Decision Making (SJDM) reflect the membership of the Society, we wanted to see some stats about the membership. Unfortunately, good stats on the members don’t exist. Sure, we did some crude analyses a while back, mostly about geography. However, this time we we wanted more precise information about gender balance and academic disciplines. So, we undertook an analysis. This was a lot of work. Please see the end for the methods. But first, graphs!

Gender overall


Count in all subfields

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Count in major subfields. In this figure:

  • Psych comprises Cognitive Psych, Social Psych and Psych (Other)
  • Business comprises Marketing, Org Behavior, and Econ

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Fields within gender

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  • Started with the member database
  • Excluded people who haven’t paid dues since 2012
  • Excluded student members
  • Excluded members who didn’t specify an institution in their profiles

This left 695 names. We then:

  • Went person by person through the list and looked them up online
  • Coded each person’s gender. We couldn’t determine it 5 times and coded it as NA
  • Coded each person’s academic field. If we couldn’t determine the field, usually because a lack of a CV, we coded it as NA. If the person worked in industry, we coded it as NA. There were 67 NAs for field overall.

This took about 10 hours, mostly done after dinner, in front of the television.

We coded things in the following way:

  • People working in Marketing departments were classified as Marketing
  • People working in Management or Organizational Behavior departments were classified as Org Behavior
  • People who had mostly Cognitive Psych or Cognitive Science publications were classified as Cognitive Psych
  • People who had mostly Social Psych publications were classified as Social Psych
  • People working in Neuroscience, Developmental Psych, and other kinds of psych were classified as Psych (Other)
  • People with a wide variety of psych publications were classified as Psych (Other)
  • People in Econ, Accounting, Finance, and OR were classified as Econ, Acct, Fin, OR
  • People in Policy, Law, and Medicine were classified as Policy, Law, Med


Mark Horowitz made a “Tree Map” from the data and sent it in. Thanks!




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