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A volume of useful psychological research

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On rare occasion, we read the table of contents of a journal and say to ourselves “Hmm. Most of those articles sound useful and interesting.” This is one of those times. The articles below are taking from the 2015 volume of Policy Insights from Behavioral and Brain Sciences. Every article seems to address a real-world problem. Pretty cool. Check it out.

Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Volume 2, Number 1, October 2015

Math Anxiety: A Factor in Math Achievement Not to Be Ignored
by Sian L. Beilock and Erin A. Maloney

The Value of Standardized Testing: A Perspective From Cognitive Psychology
by Aaron S. Benjamin and Hal Pashler

Simple Practice Doesn’t Always Make Perfect: Evidence From the Worked Example Effect
by Julie L. Booth, Kelly M. McGinn, Laura K. Young, and Christina Barbieri

Research on Learning and Instruction: Implications for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
by Susan R. Goldman and James W. Pellegrino

Deeper Learning With Advances in Discourse Science and Technology
by Arthur C. Graesser

Cognitive Science Research Can Improve Undergraduate STEM Instruction: What Are the Barriers?
by Charles Henderson, José P. Mestre, and Linda L. Slakey

Using Behavioral Insights to Increase Vaccination Policy Effectiveness
by Cornelia Betsch, Robert Böhm, and Gretchen B. Chapman

Improving Patient Care Through Medical Image Perception Research
by Elizabeth A. Krupinski

From Cognitive Science to Dementia Assessment
by Robert H. Logie, Mario A. Parra, and Sergio Della Sala

The Potential for Literacy to Shape Lifelong Cognitive Health
by Elizabeth A. L. Stine-Morrow, Erika K. Hussey, and Shukhan Ng

The Impacts of Video Games on Cognition (and How the Government Can Guide the Industry)
C. Shawn Green and Aaron R. Seitz

Evaluating and Mitigating Risk
Accuracy of Intelligence Forecasts From the Intelligence Consumer’s Perspective
by David R. Mandel

Multiple-Target Visual Search Errors: Overview and Implications for Airport Security
by Stephen R. Mitroff, Adam T. Biggs, and Matthew S. Cain

Debiasing Decisions: Improved Decision Making With a Single Training Intervention
by Carey K. Morewedge, Haewon Yoon, Irene Scopelliti, Carl W. Symborski, James H. Korris, and Karim S. Kassam

The Cognitive Psychology of Sensitivity to Human Fatalities: Implications for Life-Saving Policies
by Christopher Y. Olivola

Meeting Three Challenges in Risk Communication: Phenomena, Numbers, and Emotions
by Tim Rakow, Claire L. Heard, and Ben R. Newell

Is the Technology in Your Car Driving You to Distraction?
by David L. Strayer

The Policy Implications of Research on Fingerprint Examination Tasks
by Brandi Emerick, John Vanderkolk, and Thomas Busey

Eyewitness Identification and the Accuracy of the Criminal Justice System
by Steven E. Clark, Aaron S. Benjamin, John T. Wixted, Laura Mickes, and Scott D. Gronlund

Improving Society
Gendered Language: Psychological Principles, Evolving Practices, and Inclusive Policies
by Rebecca S. Bigler and Campbell Leaper

Video Captions Benefit Everyone
by Morton Ann Gernsbacher

Increasing Donations and Improving Donor Experiences: Lessons From Decision Science
by Daniel M. Oppenheimer

Improving Social Measurement by Understanding Interaction in Survey Interviews
by Michael F. Schober and Frederick G.Conrad

Information about the Issue
Susan T. Fiske
Princeton University

Head Guest Editor:
Jeremy M. Wolfe
Psychonomic Society, Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School

Guest Editors:
Kenneth J. Malmberg
Society for Mathematical Psychology, University of South Florida
Nora S. Newcombe
Cognitive Science Society, Temple University
Mandeep K. Dhami
Society for Judgment and Decision Making, Middlesex University
Danielle S. McNamara
Society for Text and Discourse, Arizona State University


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