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14th TIBER Symposium on Psychology and Economics, Tilburg

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The Tilburg Institute for Behavioral Economics Research is happy to announce the 14th TIBER Symposium on Psychology and Economics, to be held on August 27, 2015 at Tilburg University.

The goal of this series of symposia is to establish contact and discussion between Economists, Psychologists, Marketing researchers and others who work on Behavioral Decision Making, either in individual or interdependent settings. We look for empirical contributions from diverse fields, such as Individual Decision Making, Consumer Behavior, Bargaining, Social Dilemmas, Experimental Games, Emotions, Fairness and Justice, Rational Choice, and related subjects.

The symposium consists of two keynotes, a number of parallel sessions with presentations of 20 minutes, and a poster session. We are proud to have Maya Bar-Hillel of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (http://psychology.huji.ac.il/en/?cmd=Faculty.125&act=read&id=32) and Armin Falk of the University of Bonn (http://www.cens.uni-bonn.de/team/board/armin-falk) as this year’s keynote speakers.


If you would like to contribute by presenting your research, we invite you to submit an abstract of max. 250 words. On the basis of these abstracts we will select presenters for the parallel sessions and the poster session. Please keep in mind the following dates:

June 7 Deadline for submission of abstracts
June 15 Selection of speakers
August 27 Symposium at Tilburg University

Submit your abstract and find more information about the symposium on our website: http://www.tilburguniversity.edu/tiber14/

If you have any questions regarding the symposium, feel free to contact Arnoud Plantinga (a.plantinga@tilburguniversity.edu).


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